Shake It Off -Red Bennies

by Red Bennies

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This was the last Red Bennies album to feature Paul Butterfield on the bass.
Trivia: As Paul left the group just prior to the release of this album. Scott began playing bass. Originaly reproduced with an alternate cover image. Versions of "I'll Bend You" and "The Sun's Going Down" both appeared previously on the album "Adult Sophisticates". "I'm Coming Home" contains a clever video game pun. "Rocks in Your Mouth" is the oldest song on the album, pre-dating "Adult Sophisticates"


released May 25, 2005

Words, Music, guitar, lead vox- David Payne
Bass, backup vox- Paul Butterfield
Guitar, backup vox- Scott Selfridge
Rhodes- Terrence Warburton
Drums- Dan Thomas
Engineered by Jeremy Smith, Produced by David Payne
Released by Exumbrella Records in association with Rest 30 Records




all rights reserved


REST 30 RECORDS Salt Lake City, Utah

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Track Name: Rocks in Your Mouth
One at a time, we took them on- you know it, and everytime we all won it got written down.
But these days I don't follow close to back, and all the jacks and marbles on the floor don't touch the soles of my feet.
These bare feet, they turn on a dime in a fix. Do you believe it? It's plenty fine to ignore what you're pulling on.
So, head held high, walk through the glass with a smack. Did I hear you right- what you asked? Look at my toe, s'got a jack print on.
I said and I said what I wanted, just like everytime- 'made the rocks that I fell on get in my mouth.
You know what I meant, and I thought you'd never stab me in the back, since the last time you appologized. Take the sh** and open it for the truth. Something I forgot along the way- baby, could I be the one whose wrong?
I said and I said what I wanted, just like evertime- 'made the rocks that I fell on get in my mouth. How long can it take just to find out that things are never gonna change?
I do it almost everytime- I got a reflex to punish you, like the crack on the back of a naked smile- 'gets cut up on you.
Can I have, can I ever have a little faith in the heart of my lover? 'Cause I've been going around and around this forever.
What did you say?
Track Name: I'm Coming Home
I'm coming home to make a scene and see you one the phone,
playing back the message I left last night from afar.
Don't you know there's no reason to?
Don't if feel good to know you've got one who's never going to leave you?
I am the one who you need, who you dote on.
Patchy knees on the floor, laugh and cry for me- crawling after me always.
Don't you pretend that your life would never be empty If I never came back, your heart and soul would vanish right with me.
I have never been alone, I put it where I want, on and on and on.
But now so cooped up, the car is a cage.
Breathing life into you- burning so close, I'm coming home.
It won't do to send a post begging you please.
Turn out the lights, turn on the sirens when you vanish from my sight.
It's pulling away.
And you won't make it quit, just ten more seconds
Track Name: I'll Bend You
Leaves are falling, it's no surprise since my eyes have been red since the spring
It's so hard to get over this thing
When the fires are burning who do you start calling
Winter's coming, you're going to be all alone with nowhere to go
Did yourself a hole tonight, maybe never come out again
'Someone to tell you what to do? Baby, I'll say it all again
You're pulling on me
You twist me, and I know what I want
I'm going to get what I want
I care so much about you, further and further each and every day
Put it in a hole tonight; tell you what's going to make it right
Pick it up and hold it tight- Baby you won't let me down tonight
Can you see it?
So long never touching you
Alright, you knew just what to do
'Should have stuck to policy, but you promised it to me
And I know what I want
I'll bend you
Track Name: The One Thing
Pick all your clothes up off the floor
And put your heart down right there where they were
You spent so much time believing, just to find out your woman is just a girl
I knew all the time that I was wrong
And I knew I was lying all along
But you never ever knew what I was going to do
You never did that to me and I worshipped you
So back out slowly and close the door
She makes me do the right thing, holds on to everything
It's so hard to know that there is anything that could slip through
Don't let it hurt you
Because you know it's the one thing that keeps the gates here closed
And I won't give up the guilt I've got for anything so thanks alot
Try and take it!
Track Name: Shake It Off
I'm walking out on bloodied legs
So hurt I can't feel it and my ears are dead so don't try
I paid no heed to so many cuts
You're the first thing on my mind
That's the last thing that I said
Walk fearlesly in, to walk fearlesly out
Knock a glass right out of your hand and throw my weight about
Should have known it would hurt but what I've tried deosn't work
Oh, to be brave to your face and shake it off
Like the tear thrown from your cheek, my heart does the same when you speak
I'll of the things I've done to you
Over and done, you shook it off
I never saw the blanket spreading out
In mid-air turning around
And the cold ring on the ground
You shook it off
I waited there for sure
'You out of your mind, driving around
The clock has your face again
So I turn it off
To young to grieve, we were so naive
With a run-away everything
We shook it off
I never paid through the nose, I never cared where it goes
A bloody stream sprung anew, can't you keep it in?
Life froze, nowhere to go
Come back because I told you so with a mouthfull of dirt
I can't spit it out
Know there's a bridge with our name on it in a stack in the back
Dark blue with skulls on top
I can't shake them off
No one knows what I see in you
But I've never seen it before, I've never seen you beg for more
An unquencheable lust, I know, but don't question the trust I've shown
To follow you and never look back
All the fires of hell can beckon me but I can't follow you back
Though angels be defending you, I won't hesitate to run you through
I'll lay naked in showers of sparks
Into the depths and on to the other side of you
Track Name: The Sun's Going Down
It's about time to turn out the light
Put yourself under the blanket
You've got a lot to do early
You can't earn the wage that you bought with your age
You can't just take that time back
And you can't just turn the page
When I was seventeen, I had a mind just like a fresh roll
Used it up one wipe at a time
So just decided to never ever shit
Break it up now, take it up now, shake it up now
Show that you care
Show that you can make it happen
The walking dead, the get out of bed
And there's nothing you can do
And a nap won't work and the sun's going down
Track Name: For the Sake of that Empty Space
Did you ever see?
Did you ever steal 'back of the screen?
There's hands- there must be something
Because it goes deep- right through the heap
Stacked on top, high and rotten
But hold your head up
A draft blows out, I can see it now
I told you not to do it, but I was already in it
Sing it again just for the sake of that empty space
You're standing right on top
You've got to dig it up
The roots caress it so you get undressed and stick out your chest again
A draft blows out- You're free to carry it now- and how!
It's the end, your lover said
But judgement day will never come while you've got this
Cast off that lover- Time to get another
And sing it again about how you never had a choice
The draft blows out, I can see just how
This hot breath right on you face is going to save you now
And you're free to show me how you found it so hidden
And you lit it
Track Name: Knife in the Pocket
Knife in the pocket, pour bleach on the jacket
With Varnet's on
Twenty-five years to go
We walked through the fields with our guns
We walked right into the nieghbor's shed
We left every bottle broken without a second thought in the end
Take a chance on love
How dare you, you're not smart enough
You need a little more cushion behind you
How many times can you break it before giving up?
Never come clean
With your butterfly knife in the pocket
'Left it under the snow all winter- Don't dare to touch it now
I walk around if I can- It's over
And I'd just like to open it so much
I was so ashamed- Well, it's still the same
My sister is staying out of town
Working and sleeping on the ground
Living on syrup and sugar
What she's loosing is going to find her, crawling towards her, looking for her
She'll find it when she gets older
I was so ashamed, but it's still the same
When I looked all around and around, I read my name
Written on the black list, and the back of my fist, and the back of my lids
It's still the same
You stop, pick it the hell up
'Never got old so you can't get enough of it
Throw it way again and again
Use your paws, you young kitten
Dirty yourself and never come clean
Prove it- That you're not smart enough to see it
No one will believe you already know it-
How to stay young when your eyes won't show it
Put your hand in your pocket, 'show me what you've got there now