Jazz Jags Music to Sooth The Savage Beast

by Jazz Jaguars

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Jazz Jags play religiously in either the darkest corner of the room, the furthest back of the bar, or any other vortex where permission is given.


released October 4, 2016

Jazz Jags are:
Drums, Halee Jean
Guitar, Bass, Christy Matthews
Vocals, Guitar, David Payne
Extra vocals, Halee Jean, Chopper
Bass, Brian Lord
Extra guitar, Aaron Huston
Special thanks to Greg Midgley, Leena-Maija Rinne, Buzz, Sierra, Sayde, Dolan, Nick, and all past Jazz Jaguar members whoever/wherever they should be.
And extra thanks to Joe from Nobrow Coffee, the many bartenders of Burts Tiki Lounge, and Ranna, Allison, Andre, Sam, John, and all the bartenders of Twilite Lounge in SLC, and Chopper and Angela Brown.
And all groups who played at Twilite Lounge this year as Jazz Jaguars' special guests.



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Track Name: Jazz Jags - Waiting For You
Standing outside the bar waiting for you
I don't want to go home to sleep alone
Everyone's eyes burn through my clothes
but I wait and I wait for yours
Though I think you'll say yes to me
I'm still scared
Watching you from the corner of my eye, hovering near
Let's be the last ones to leave tonight
Standing outside of the bar waiting for you
I don't want to go home without you near
Watching your eye for a sign of that spark
I'll wait and I'll wait just shy of the dark sidewalk and the cool streetlights
that shine in the black
Yellow and cold I know, but changed to be so warm if I was holding your hand tonight.
Track Name: Jazz Jags - Milk
What do you taste in a melon smell?
A pit of ash and drywall tea
And in the dark, what does your mouth feel after your cigar?
Slick peat smoke
And I can't eat meat, and the blood- so real
But I still get to taste the animal's skin
I taste the Milk and real butterscotch
with the deepest reach from the plant's green heart
With stewed green beans and the whitest cream, I fade to blue
with a green, raw tint.

One third green brew, and butterscotch
with two thirds milk
Then bleach with cream
Track Name: Jazz Jags/Hoofless - Say Anything To Me (Hoofless)
Tell me what's your name
I like to think about the skin inside your mouth
What it talks about
What sounds come out
Don't say anything

I think a lot about the tongue inside your mouth
If it sings or shouts
open up your mouth
Show me what's inside
Say something to me
Say something to me
Track Name: Jazz Jags - Lash Out/Crash Out
Chambered and waiting for the pin
Gasping before the short flight comes to an end
Maybe you didn't think at all
For sure it's much to short to waste it on the wall
Dah Dah Dah Dah, Dah Dah, Dah Dah
Melody hangs for far to long to catch the words
Dah Dah Dah Dah, Dah Dah, Duh Dah
And words take to long- there's nothing quite as fast as me
Shot out and crashed out, from a ghost to a ghost I'll fly
Lash out and aim for you in a miss- and there's just one chance.
Track Name: Jazz Jags/Nick Niehart - When The Lights Are Out (Lord British/Nick Niehart)
Light reflects upon the wall, and traces hard lines
but in the night, diminishing of form- those lines blur
shapes join together
Tell me who will you be when the lights are out?
Will you be a monster to devour more souls?
Will you be an Angel with that wrecked look so close to the dawn?
We're breaking, and the lights all bleed into one perfect night
A purgatory effect- the ipecac that you kept in your mouth for too long-
-couldn't swallow, but vomited all the same
Nothing left inside
Just the fullness of the night
Just the dark and empty space
And the shadows come alive
And the mass moving somewhere, just out of sight
You feel it moving closer
And you know it's just the night.
Track Name: Personality
Personality stands all alone, split between closet doors
Till hallways stretch away like a scene in a cartoon
And flowers in the vase brighten up all the room,
Till forgotten, you remember how long ago it was that they died
What if there were no doors, and the Cartoons stood in the hallway,
Silent and not afraid? Calm and not afraid?
Silent and not afraid
Happy and not afraid
Silent and not afraid
Calm and not afraid
What if there were no doors, and the Cartoons stood in the hallway,
Not embarrassed at all?
Calm and not afraid
Track Name: Dominican Republic
Down the ramp, old men play a sound of violent washing up
ducking close, holding his colander by the money bag
Countryside fades into a freeway techno-pocalypse
And gasoline and motorbikes poke from every crack
till rival clans meet in an "X" to drive right through each other
The telephone screen, in perfect lines, marks a road
-never built, It's now the dump
So sink into it to the hood

Now, in the dark, black bikes with no lights drive on both sides
on mountain roads near the beach,
blinded by the dark of brights
And in the dark, led up the marble stairs of a castle four stories tall
where a spiral bulb casts dimness from high in the slanted ceiling
Then, in the light of day, on the balcony- bleachers to the world-
A rainbow hangs all day
So sink into it and the trees, where they grow thick
Only in shades of green
And they hold still their whole life until they tip into the sea
But only if they should be chosen to be so unlucky
to root so close to the edge
Track Name: Jazz Jags/Purido - Song For A Boy (Purido)
To where it counts, here and here and here
You won't know the words at all
Here is a hole, and I know
Warm, there is a quietness of a hole
Stop the old sick ones
When it is your sore's turn, I'll keep your safety inside me and move accordingly
Keep from breathing, when required to keep from breathing
And I know
Track Name: Embrace The Cold (Mananero)
There has been a sacrifice below the starry skies
Moonlight will guide you to an artificial grave
Leave the horizon, and look to the wastelands
Sever/sell your life and begin to live again
Leaving shock-waves across the land
The magic that hunts you- the magic that will not give up
Embrace the cold, and feel yourself
Ride the high winds and feast on the flesh
Track Name: Turn Turn Turn (To Everything There Is A Season)
For everything there is a season
And a time for every purpose under heaven
For everything there is a reason
and the moments loose their purchase as they're taken
A time to wake and a time to sleep
A time to sow and a time to reap
A time to decide just where you'd like to keep going
A time to hold still and a time to make yourself move
A time to keep track, or to let the moments slip by
A time to decide just how you'd like to spend your short time

A time to grab and a time to push
A time turn all your dreams off
A time to walk alone and imagine everything
A time for your best and a time for your worst
A time to stay back and a time to go first
A time to decide just how far away you have to stay from someone