Gang Up

by Red Bennies

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This is Red Bennies latest album. It's a modern album so check back for changes. We sell these at shows for 5$ also, as we "gang up" on our audience.


released December 20, 2013

Halee Jean: Drumset
Sayde Price, NIK, Dolan Lucero, Ashleigh Bassett: Bass guitar
David Payne: Singing, Guitar, Theremin



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Track Name: Blackout
Blow it out in the day
Blow it out in the night
Blow it out in the rain
My own voice in a delay
My own voice in a deep flange
My own voice on the keys, sampled, both hands down.
Walk out confused, walk past the garbage cans and back, totally blind
And a mist has risen solid from the floor to the ceiling, Oh what a feeling
To blackout all the boots, and the coats and the books and the blankets fade into one invisible thing
I'm alone in the room, in the car, how did I get here
Oh, Look- I passed it, I'm speaking for you to myself now
Still in bed holding hands, still running and kissing with myself.
You'd like to see what I see? Click on "visualizations", two eyes on two screens, in blue and white, in stereo
Black out Black out Black out Black out Black out
Tell me, I forget- Black out Black out Black out. I Black out.
Track Name: The Last Rays (Of The Setting Sun)
It's the last rays of the setting sun
Everything hangs on the setting sun
Like, please don't leave me until you're done
and, please don't leave me unless I'm done
I went outside and you know what I saw?
The last rays of the setting sun.
I had to run for a better view, and chased it down the street in my car
It's the last rays of the setting sun, what are you gonna do when it's gone?
Will you find it in anyone? Will you see it in anyone?
Will you look out over a fading sky and find what's hiding on the front of your mind, now a spun mandala on the front of your eye, now a spun man falling in and endless sky?
Can you see anything in a starless sky?
Can you be anything when nothing's bright?
Are you gonna be there saying on your side, Like a dead witch hand curled up in the dark?

It's the last days of the setting sun
It's the last days of the tiki lounge
the last days of bar deluxe
the last days of the urban lounge
the last days of spanky's lounge
the last days of todd's lounge
the last days of Burt's lounge
the last days of the twilite lounge
the last days of the shred shed lounge
the last day of any lounge
Track Name: Round Grave
Change shapes in the day, to things you've never seen
In the microwave scene, with new back-lit leaves
After a late night of flashlight eyes and flashlight screens.
Strange how cold tops the day with washed off dirt
That lays flat on the ground, flat on your grave
That spins perfectly round, perfectly made
Hey shit for brains, 'got attitude for gains? Got greeting? Got what you belong?
Or all you lost in the black and white dreams and black and white sound?
Trade old guilt to pay for gold hilted blades, and wonder, it creeps down the hall
To see wings over the wall, and not be able to turn it off, and in the night, run for your life down that same hall
And they've never even made it to the dawn and that's all I do- three at a time, the light birds strike!
One more dawn, one more night to make it right, another rite.
Track a single rain from the cloud to the ground, it's gone, and then it's gone
Who'd you hit, and who'd you slip by as you spread your fingers all apart to catch all of the air that you can on the way down
And it's one burst in a week or in an hour
On the wet ground it goes away by itself in a smooth gloss that mirrors the sky so who knows: it's going back? who cares, you can't be there now.
You can't be here but you can be there now.
Track Name: Space Pilot
Pushed into the light unannounced and at once
with the glowing lines of art in a net on us
He said to, "Why do you not make a shmup next?":
"-to live on the streets, hungry and penniless??"
and it hurt so bad and it goes as deep as I go
Now who's gonna go that deep into me?
Now who's gonna speak for me?
Now who's gonna let me in?
Now who's gonna care about me?
Now who's gonna come and get me?
Track Name: Magician Lord
Stars shine so bright, Moon looks so nice
And we'll be friends forever- I know you never wanted to leave
It's 'cause you never believed that in that night I laid you down,
And with a rush of fingers we never spoke and threw it around.
And now you're dead and gone.
And in that night, dug in downtown, Looking out the window, I saw a skull on the roof unassigned.
'Waiting for my ride
come over again- can I come over again?
You're on your bed now, dying
You're always trying to blow on a flame
And burnt wood always remains
It's folded in
All sons of old gods dying
It's like you said: again changes to hell
With white spark spokes in a wheel
here is comes now, let's recap now
Here I come now, tonight I'm the destroyer
I'm sitting and waiting on a big comedown
Here I come now, tonight I'm the destroyed
I'm waiting on a big comedown
Here I come now, tonight I'm overjoyed
'Can't see my face in the mirror- can it get any clearer?
Here I come now, tonight I'm the enjoyer
I'm waiting on a big comedown
Here I come now, put in another quarter
Five times four$ is gonna last forever
On a newer computer that's really a slower computer
they do it on the computer now
Track Name: Phoenix
A finger floating, moving on top. Don't know where it starts or where it's going to end. Close your eyes and see the new horizon, 'can't believe that this is happening.
For sure shit it's a shame, see love in a cats eyes, see my new art it's people in ash. Ask for grey and dusty you get garden flowers, no returns on that if you got the cash.
Ride away on your bike, you knew that you were gonna die. 'Second time and still can't let go in your sleep.
Sleep or awake it's the same, chase it with a minute, burn yourself on just what's happened again.
Close your eyes it's dark, numb your skin it's bright, Salt Lake City air smells like everything. A spark in the dark in a body made of bodies. Made up is the rule as the made-up waves roll through.
Silver and smooth, black and white, I taste something missing but it's all the same stuff. There is no phoenix, the "phoenix" is the ash, a can and bread mix in the ashes so soft.
Blind kaleidoscopes of love in a cats eyes whose piercing stare mocks and marks my imagination, marks my imaginothing, sparks a little nothing, lights a little nothing, makes us little nothings, there is no phoenix, the "phoenix" is the ash.
Track Name: Puppy Love
Puppy love, you've got puppy love. Are you a woman? Are you a man? Can you make a woman? Can you make a man? Will it live to be a hundred, or will it die young? Will it still be there when you are gone? Or, do you spread your love for a little while and then die inside for the rest of your short life?
You're impotent. Scatter seed before the cock, like a bird making a nest- you f#$%ed up dinosaur, and I see your face shining happiness with your puppy love deep in your chest.
Track Name: Soft Words
Never a dull moment, my eyes fell into the pulse. You bleached the blue on the brown fade and orange lights left tinsel and a black hole.
And the white sky turned to grey, and in life and death the flash was gone in a purple fade. Shoot it right through me, but not in the light that streamed in from so far away.
Did you hear it in those soft words?
I breathed to much and I didn't watch my beating heart and I lost track of when I blinked my eyes. Blink them once, blink them twice, staring down the stairs and up into the shining lights.
Put my hands into gloves, put the bones into my hands. Put the bones in my legs and then into my pants. Then hold you down in the carpet just to open you up. Then hold you down in the grass just to feel the pain.
Did you hear it in those soft words? They said "give your body to the wind, but give your heart to me" and "give your heart to the wind, but give your body to me".
Track Name: Religious Music
You don't like religious music cause you don't know how to use it
you don't know where the beat is, and if it's religious
Blind you down to just one red point,
A blue spark you didn't notice
And when you plugged it in to show us,
more rain had fallen than you knew
You don't like religious music, like you don't know what's happened.
And when the flowers bloom in your mind, you shine a light in a bold move.
Blaspheme at the break of dawn, you hit the wheels and you move on.
You hold the ice-pick in your hand, you hit the wheels and you move on.
'Can't sit on the fence of religion, blind to the offence of religious music.
Touched and feeling the skin on the surface of what's deep and truly automatic.
And the mold on a larger thing to worship
Turn yourself inside out into nothing
Because inside out, you are nothing
Electricity flowing slowly, in a river that's too wide to cross
Into the center of everything you've made, laid out so smooth automatically.
All the rays are bound tight and reigned in, in the reflection the music's made in.
Track Name: Past And Future
Messed up animal, that's my religion, do what you want if you don't think that the next moment is going to happen.
Services held in the city and down the street on 500 east.
Saucer down on the table and in our time to study what's embarrassing.
Like milk sprayed on, from the rotten teat of a rotten 80's man who missed the layered clothes.
There's not enough machinery to keep track of that or enough minds.
Messed up animal, that's my religion, do what you want if you don't think that the next moment has happened.
Track Name: Out of Town
Reiki my tai chi you make me cry rice milk. I chew nuts for you and I'm so modern I feel like I wouldn't walk ten feet from you.
If the building leaves a gap between the next, I feel the gasp and begin to come unclasped like a salt gun is aimed at you.
And that man's eating his breakfast through the window he's watching. Don't you cross the raging torrent to the right unless you want to feel a sting worse than BB's on a bird's skin, if you could do that back then.
He somehow puts the crystals in and he turns his fear into action. He says stay away, stay very far away.
Now back in the city and back in the future, they move your favorite coffee shop right next to fields of wild grass, and the gaps between are wider than the eyes set in that man's face, filled with weeds time and deer track, hobo camps and train tracks. The old city beneath the grass in an age of faith and waiting and empty minutes hanging in a growing ball of fear with no contrast to nature. Those people want to be alone with no shame and no respect. I say stay close, stay very close to me.
Track Name: You Are The One
Make me show what I'm stealing in the night
Make me without a reason to make it right
I was there- Ooh what a handsome man!
Hold and wait for you to run
You were there clean in the morning light
clear and warm as the sun
You are the one
Make me tame and whole hearted, and here to bite
Break me- lathed and red hot on fire for you
Would you swear never to turn your back on me till you're done
Would you dare to light up the sky at night and hold it still in your palm, only because?
Another stab and it flows to you
It's all I have, and you know that that's true
My heart belongs to you
What would you do with it?
Track Name: The Sun's Going Down
It's about time to turn out the lights
You've got a lot to do early
And the sun's going down
You can't earn the wage that you bought with your age
You can't just take that time back, and you can't just turn the page
And the sun's going down
When I was seventeen, I had a mind just like a fresh roll
I used it up one wipe at a time, till' just decided to never ever sh#$
And the sun's going down
Shake it up now Break it up now, shake it up now
Show that you care, show that you care, show that you can "make it happen"
The walking dead get out of bed, and there's nothing you can do, and a nap won't work and the sun's going down.
Track Name: Yeah This Is It
They make it so hard to taste you with the TV on. 'Can't forget to go outside and say my prayer on the lawn.
They said they would give me the world but they only thing I ever wanted was you. With the courage to live so scared, I even made a mickey' s bomb.
My white stars, I'll send you my list and you fill it out. This is what I'm gonna do till the day I die. Right, and I won't forget, right?
All that's good and all that's pure is wrapped in you. Don't you know that all I'll ever have belongs to you. All of my flames of passion I'll burn, for one sweet half hour of return. All my eating disorders have come and gone, that's how I worship you.
look, I'm valid now you're all I do. Even when I'm tearing apart, yeah, you know it's true. Yeah, this is it.
Track Name: Listen Up
Listen up, I want to shake the sugar out
It settles up in my arms and legs
I used to be so good at that
Can you see the things I used to stare at,
What I used to wear around my neck?
The things I've dropped behind the stove
Go ahead, I never thought I'd come so far,
As to make it to "laying on the ground"
Keep it coming
But can I still keep my head up?
And can I still keep my arms out?
I'm going to spread my fingers all apart to catch all of the air that I can on the way down. I'm gonna fly.
Hit my head on the dreams I've had, while I'm worshiping the second hand.
Don't you ever hear me say, "Two more weeks till my reinforcer"
You've got to keep it close all the time
Listen up and keep it close all the time
Track Name: Black Knots
These times it might be safer to remember it a different way to find out how you stand on me, 'cause I know how you stand on yourself.
You never know how the clots and the black knots are gonna hurt you till the years go by.
Hey, this is how I did it
And Hey, Is this what you held back?
We've been over this infinite times, hoping and praying it would never come back
Don't you know when you lay on me you lay right on yourself?
Still the water rises, no surprises, and still the water flows out onto the floor
Eyes wide open and standing up straight, you walked right over and opened up the drapes.
It's the best thing you ever did- the sun came right in.
Now you've got to hold it closed and wrap it up with a black knot
Black knots wrapped around and 'round and 'round
In flowers and braids, like they're raised by the sound of the room bleaching white- the sun came right in.
Now I'll never stop blinking ever now- the sun came right in.
Track Name: Red Bennies
Before it gets too late, will you honor me with your presence again?
And what will you bring? What sweet thing? What hot thing to keep me up tonight?
8 o'clock, will you woo me? hold me close, my heart's beating. Please, please, you need it.
Step right back to the end of the line
'Always been my pleasure, I don't mind
I'll make a white fist around what you touched and kissed on top of me, pissed, in the bed that night
12 o'clock, would you woo me? Hold me close, my heart's beating. Please, please, you need it
Before it gets too late, will you honor me with your presence again?
I worked to make it right while I was sleeping lightly- ooh, all of us in the bed that night.
3 o'clock, will you woo me? hold me close, my heart's beating. Please, please, you need it.
Track Name: Provo Cries
Head and Hands smash through the window, the girl made a decision on her own
I hear there's guns, let's smash a wall- machine guns are free for punk bash fun
I heard what you did in the pit last night, look I'm toothless, rad, awesome
Can I drink outside? Yeah, a mickey's bomb. Do I know anything? Yeah, I know it's not mine
All this, and Provo cries
This heart exists by some magic power just like electricity and mom's allowance
All this in one of it's purest hearts, My house