Adult Sophisticates -Red Bennies

by Red Bennies

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A few years after playing with Eli Morrison and Nate Pysher on guitar and drums (and producing the album "Announcing"), Red Bennies had many lineup changes and no full length albums to show. This album was a remastered compilation of the best from the two limited run EP's "Yes It's Lo-Fi 2 'With A Hug'", and "Watch Your Language" which came out during that time, as well as a few rehearsal recordings. All song were played and recorded live. Paul Butterfield made that nice cover art.


released May 25, 2004

Recorded 2002-2004
Engineered by David Payne tracks 4,7,9 at the Moroccan, Scott Selfridge tracks 1,3,6,8 at the Urban Lounge, Ned Clayton tracks 2,5 live on KRCL radio
Mixed/mastered by David Payne
Words, music, guitar, lead vocal David Paynef
Bass, 2nd voice Paul Butterfield
Organ, electric piano Terrence Warburton
Guitar, 2nd voice Scott Selfridge tracks 2,4,5,7,9
Guitar, Gentry Densley tracks 1,3,6,8
Drums Michael Sartain tracks 1,3,6,8
Drums Dan Thomas tracks 4,7,9
Drums Josh Knight tracks 2,5




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Track Name: Downtown
Hold my arms in tight and my eyes so fixed
I can't shake it off, it sticks to me
So grey, all the way, spread out for as far as I can see
When my ambition's in my fist I say...
Another winter in Salt Lake City gave me a sore throat
When I get so desperate for...
The girls say, "Keep going!", I've got to pay oh man I've got to feel it
They say to keep young keep crying
I've never shed a tear till this evening
When it gets so beautiful I wrap around, hold on tight
Lock my arms, lock my legs and keep breathing
Just to stay on top I keep walking slow
Just to calm down, make everything into pixels
How could I get any smaller?
My friends say, when I'm drunk I can hold it still for a minute
It keeps coming down to this, it keeps coming around and around
I won't go back down
You 'gonna plug me
Down town, I'm 'gonna glow bright red for another hour
You still believe it's the truth?
When I saw what I saw for the first time it took away my breath
Now you know what I meant to be
And you still take a piece of me when I break
Down Town, live the worst parts over again
And you'll hold what you catch and you'll love it till the day you die
Track Name: Another One
Break the window pane
Dip a shard in the gas
Hold it tight in your hand
If you thing you've had the last chance to cut someone and make it hurt
Don't you know that's not how it works?
'Gonna go on and on and on to cut yourself up on another one
Say the right thing this time
You put it in and you pull it out
Take a chance on another one
All your long term plans
Tangled up on the ground
Still tied to your hands
Swing it all 'round and 'round the knife
'Never felt nothing till sunday night
Don't know just how to make it right
'Gonna eat sh** until your done taking a chance on another one
Say the right thing this time
You put it in and you pull it out
Cut yourself on another one
Taking a chance on another one
Track Name: Black Knots
This time it might be safe to remember it a different way
Now to find out how you stand on me
Because I know how you stand on yourself
Because you never know how the clots and the black knots
Are going to hurt you till the years go by
Hey! Is this how you did it?
Is this what you held back
We've been over this now infinite times
Hoping and praying it will never come back
Don't you know that when you lay on me you lay right on yourself
Still the water rises- No surprises
And Still the water flows out onto the floor
Eyes wide open and standing up straight
You walked right over and you opened up the drapes
It's the best thing you ever did- The sun came right in
Now you've got to hold it closed and wrap it up with a black knot
Black knots wrapped around and around
In flowers and braids like they're raised by the sound
Of the room bleaching white as the sun came right in
I'll never stop blinking now
The sun came right in
Track Name: The Sun's Going Down
It's about time to turn out the light
Put yourself under the blanket
You've got a lot to do early
You can't earn the wage that you bought with your age
You can't just take that time back
And you can't just turn the page
When I was seventeen, I had a mind just like a fresh roll
Used it up one wipe at a time
So just decided to never ever shit
Break it up now, take it up now, shake it up now
Show that you care
Show that you can make it happen
The walking dead, the get out of bed
And there's nothing you can do
And a nap won't work and the sun's going down
Track Name: I'll Bend You
Leaves are falling, it's no surprise since my eyes have been red since the spring
It's so hard to get over this thing
When the fires are burning who do you start calling
Winter's coming, you're going to be all alone with nowhere to go
Did yourself a hole tonight, maybe never come out again
'Someone to tell you what to do? Baby, I'll say it all again
You're pulling on me
You twist me, and I know what I want
I'm going to get what I want
I care so much about you, further and further each and every day
Put it in a hole tonight; tell you what's going to make it right
Pick it up and hold it tight- Baby you won't let me down tonight
Can you see it?
So long never touching you
Alright, you knew just what to do
'Should have stuck to policy, but you promised it to me
And I know what I want
I'll bend you
Track Name: With a Hug
I came home last night same as always, so drunk
With some hugs and some kisses, her lips don't make no misses
This is how it always starts out
for the only good five minutes
She said, "What did you say!"
I got an arm full of scratches, I saw the bruises on your leg
I had to tell my friends in the morning how I pushed you down in self defense
You push me over, I'll knock you down
Over and over with a kiss honey
At the club I was fighting- Had to tell your friends all to back off
I want to take it ouside again- 'Got more alcohol left to work off
This is what I was on the edge of every time I looked over
Don't think I'll ever come back now and I won't let you go
Every week we go fighting and every night I say "F**k you!"
And after all of the biting, I think I'm the one who deserves you
Hold on tight
You push me over, I'll knock you down
Over and over with a kiss honey
Track Name: Not in the Mouth
I wanna climb in the trash to the sweet sound of a talented someone digging where the cash is
When all that you've got is the credit that you gave yourself with your very last drop of faith, it makes you start to hate
The one's who did it all with a *********** and never come
I paid out a grand with hopes that maybe someday someone else would pay it
Ended up feeling ripped off and left out
Because not in the past, and not in the future, will I ever stop feeling like I'm gonna loose her if I don't do it all with my ***********
Here I come
Listen to the sound, it won't come back around
You can take it or you can leave it- The curtain's coming down
Come while you go down
If you do it all with a ***********, it's enough
Track Name: Annihilate You
I don't want to wait until I have to annihilate you
You've got me on the ground looking up at you
You step a little closer every time you do
It's been five years I'm going down again
Bury it till I can't hear the sound again
With mad fervor be done!
I'm gonna be the last one standing in the middle of everything flat all around again
Gonna tie myself up- Gonna tie my friends up
Dip us in hot wax and ignite the tops of us
You said I was too cool- Not good enough for you
How dare you say that to my face?
It's been a long time and I'm scratching again
Pay attention while I turn myself inside out for the batch of you
Look at all the jewels in there! They're falling out everywhere!
Did you know it took that long to make them?
Don't you put me down- I'll put you back inside and I'll spin it
Don't you ever say that to me again
One Two Three and I'll annihilate you
This is how I masturbate you
You won't ever put it down- You must have been a cutter
One Two Three I'm sorry I am it
Just one more reason to hate you now
You won't see what put's you down until this happens to you
It's too late and you won't know
Track Name: You're Dirty
I let a bad thing slip out, I said it all wrong
Is that the way you do it when the chips are down?
I just wanted to have all the things that I want
'Flew right down the street with you tied right to the front
Did you leave the gas on? Did you lock the doors?
Did you find the right door? Did you go right in?
Did you see what they're doing in there?
It goes right in
'Leaves a spring in your step, 'leaves a wet rag on your eyes
'Turns me right off like a nerve, 'turns me right on like a switch
Now I see in to the past and I see into the future
Did you ever know? Cound you ever be right there in the way,
Looking right past me
Like nobody knows what pop music shows you
Dripping down, soaking you, you're dirty now
Don't you be ashamed, your friends all do it
Don't you worry none, there aint nothin' to it
Go one two three, you know it's what you want
Making it out the back, making it right out the front
Now let your pants slip down to your feet
Now let you shirt slip from your shoulders
Now let you head slip down to the bed
Beauty's only skin deep, we got such thick skin
Like nobody knows what pop music shows you
Dripping down, soaking you, soiling you, dilute you and spoiling you
Just like I'd like to do, your dirty